Hello! I’m Sophie, a PhD student based in London. My research is about children’s work and education in Tanzania, but more broadly my interests lie at the intersection of anthropology and demography – family and household dynamics, childbearing, education, and childhood, and the changes occurring in these areas as a result of modernisation.

This blog started life as a way to document my reflections on my fieldwork, which I did in the Mwanza region of Tanzania in 2016. If you want some anthropological anecdotes and amusing pictures of me wearing Tanzanian dresses, please check out my ‘Fieldwork updates‘. I’m now also using the blog to write about my research, and some more general musings. Hope you enjoy!



A bit more about me:

I studied Biological Anthropology as an undergraduate, and then spent time working in Monitoring and Evaluation for Camfed International, an NGO working to promote and support female education in Sub-Saharan Africa. From there I moved to London to begin an ESRC PhD studentship in Demography, based at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Working with my supervisors David Lawson and Rebecca Sear, I am part of the Evolutionary Demography Group. My PhD combines perspectives from evolutionary anthropology, behavioural ecology, and demography to investigate the time allocation trade-offs between work and school for children living in Kisesa Ward, Tanzania. 

Outside of academia, I spend my time cycling and running round London, and indulging my love of cake. I run with GoodGym, which aims to turn the energy used in running into good, through helping local community projects, and visiting isolated elderly people. I have been involved with the Scout Association for over 10 years, and am currently a leader at a mixed Scout group in Peckham, London.


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